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TBLTC run 2 Gentlemen’s teams and 1 Ladies’ team in the Eastern divisions of the Aegon National League. This pits our best players against clubs from across the Eastern counties and provides excellent competition for our elite squads and superb tennis entertainment for the supporters who come along to watch.

Gentlemen’s Captains Ladies’ Captain
1st Harry Randle
1st Sara Titmuss

TBLTC have a very strong representation at both the Senior and Vets levels for both the Gentlemen’s and Ladies’ Essex leagues.

Gentlemen’s Captains Ladies’ Captains
1st Lee Blackman 1st Jade Balckman
2nd Simon Dowell 2nd Allison Small
3rd Toby Archer
Vets 1st Joe Murray Vets 1st Sue Sargeant
Vets 2nd Grant Fernley Vets 2nd Carole Boston
Over 55's Alan Rayner Vets 3rd Sharon Sedgwick

Vets 4th Katrina Robinson

Gentlemen’s Captain Mixed Veterans Captain
Max Knight Suzanne Ellis

TBLTC run a large number of teams in the L&W league, a league which brings together clubs from across South East Essex and has been running since 1950. In the summer the leagues are divided into 6 Gentlemen’s divisions, 4 Ladies and 6 Mixed (comprising a mixed pair, a men’s pair and a ladies’ pair). In winter there are 7 Gentlemen’s divisions, 5 Ladies and 7 regular Mixed divisions. With the large number of teams supported, TBLTC’s presence in the L&W leagues offers opportunities to a range of talents and experience.

During the 2013/14 winter season TBLTC maintained our teams in the top 5 divisions of the Gentlemen’s league (winning division 2), in the top 5 divisions of the Ladies’ league (winning divisions 3, 4 and 5) and the top 4 divisions of the Mixed league. 

Gentlemen’s Captains Ladies’ Captains Mixed Captains
1st Simon Payne 1st Sally Margerison 1st Heather Clark
2nd Joe Murray 2nd Ros Knight 2nd Jackie Sirdifield
3rd Grant Fernley 3rd Stephanie Moon 3rd Elaine Klein
4th Paul Marks 4th Colleen Ball 4th Elaine Murray (winter)
5th TBA - Winter 5th Paula Cook (winter)