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Club Officers & Committee Members
    Photo of Chair - Trevor Newbery

    Chair - Trevor Newbery

    To lead on all Club matters, acting in the best interest of our members, and working in partnership with the LTA and other external bodies.
    • Chair Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings, and General Committee meetings
    • Oversee the Club’s activities to ensure that they are well run and safe and that proper financial and conduct controls are in place
    • Advise, assist and support other General Committee members as needed
    • Handle or resolve disputes or complaints that arise between General Committee meetings as appropriate

      Photo of Club Captain – Craig Jones

      Club Captain – Craig Jones

      Encourage more people to play more tennis more of the time at TBLTC.
      • Maintain an active, and open, line of communication with members and outside bodies
      • Represent the Club at the various outside events
      • Organise Men’s and, with the Ladies’ Captain, Mixed Tournaments throughout the year
      • Maintain an appropriate profile and presence at the Club

        Photo of Ladies’ Captain – Lynn May

        Ladies’ Captain – Lynn May

        To lead all Ladies’ tennis matters.
        • Represent the Lady members at the General Committee and various Club events
        • Organise Ladies’ Tournaments (approx 6 per year) and, with the Club Captain, mixed Tournaments throughout the year
        • Organise Ladies’ and Club’s Charity events
        • Organise the Ladies’ morning each Tuesday

          Photo of Secretary – Paula Cook

          Secretary – Paula Cook

          To manage the administration of the General Committee’s affairs and ensure that information is maintained and distributed in a timely, professionally presented manner.
          • Main Club contact for LTA/ECLTA emails/correspondence
          • Convene, and attend, Annual or Extraordinary General Meetings, and General Committee meetings, ensuring that all necessary papers are available in advance
          • Ensure that Minutes are taken effectively at all meetings, and that a typed version is produced and distributed promptly to respective members
          • Receive and deal with incoming correspondence, whether on paper or by email, actioning it as appropriate
          • Retain and file original copies of all relevant correspondence and Minutes
            Photo of Treasurer – Peter Barton

            Treasurer – Peter Barton

            To manage the Club’s accounts, including financial planning, preparation of estimates and forecasts, and liaison with other Officers to promote effective financial control.
            • Maintain an accurate and up-to-date record of all financial transactions
            • Manage the banking of all income and payment of bills promptly, ensuring that all bills are properly documented and approved for paying
            • Prepare a financial statement for the AGM, ensuring that all accounts are accurate and fair
            • Make available all books, records and statements for annual or other audit checks
            • Provide financial information for planning and forecasting
            • Agree delegated limits of expenditure with other Officers as necessary
              Photo of Membership – Richard Leadley

              Membership – Richard Leadley

              To manage the recruitment of Club members and deal with membership related enquiries.
              • Collect and record annual membership fees
              • Recruit and welcome new members
              • Maintain the Club’s membership database and contact details
              • Handle all membership related enquiries
                Photo of House & Grounds – Simon Caink

                House & Grounds – Simon Caink

                To manage and organise the maintenance of the Clubhouse and it’s use, in keeping with the requirements of our membership. To manage and organise the maintenance of the Courts and Gardens. Identify and organise maintenance tasks as appropriate
                • Review requests for external use of the Clubhouse and make recommendations to the General Committee
                • Identify and organise maintenance tasks as appropriate
                  Photo of Bar – Anne Hemmings

                  Bar – Anne Hemmings

                  • Ensure the bar is managed in a responsible and profitable manner
                  • Maintain stock and staffing levels in line with the demand anticipated.

                    Photo of Tennis Development - Jamie Tite

                    Tennis Development - Jamie Tite

                    Set direction for tennis development at TBLTC in concert with Head Coach and Captains . Act as point of contact for Head Coach on day-to-day matters.
                    • Chair the Junior Committee, preparing the agenda, papers and Minutes
                    • Manage selection of the Junior Captains, Vice Captains and Privileged Juniors
                    • Lead development and management of the Junior/Mini Coaching Programme
                    • Organise Junior and Mini Club Nights and various Junior events throughout the year (Bob Burns, Bruce Munroe)

                      Photo of Committee Member - Alan Rayner

                      Committee Member - Alan Rayner


                        Photo of Match Secretary– Mike Nevin

                        Match Secretary– Mike Nevin

                        To organise matches for the Club in the Aegon, Essex and S&D leagues.
                        • Organise Club matches, mindful of other Court dates/commitments that will place a restriction on court usage, and advise captains
                        • Manage the re-arrangement of any fixtures and advise relevant captains
                        • Advise the Liaison Officer of dates for inclusion in the Club’s website diary
                          Photo of Tournaments – Frank Collyer

                          Tournaments – Frank Collyer

                          To manage the running and successful completion of internal Club tournaments.
                          • elsOrganise the posting and notification of sign up sheets in the Clubhouse and the subsequent publication of draw sheets in the Clubhouse and on the website
                          • Organise trophy collection, presentation and engraving
                          • Deal with all tournament related enquiries and resolution of issues

                            Photo of Social Committee

                            Social Committee

                            To develop, co-ordinate and publicise social events and opportunities at the Club.
                            • Plan, organise and promote regular internal social events in the Club’s diary, delegating individual tasks as necessary
                            • Identify, and encourage others to identify, other suitable social events
                            • Maintain a healthy calendar of social events that will appeal to as wide a range of our membership as possible